Website for a firm of solicitors or barristers (8 points)

Barrister and solicitor is a … a service. It cannot be touched or tried before being purchased.

The first impression is important* In the case of the above service, it is simply created by the law firm’s website.

The question is, is it really a mainpage ?


  1. What to look for when setting up a law firm website ? (8 points)
  2. Examples of law firm websites designed by us
  3. Price list

*Of course, quality and referrals are the marketing extraordinaire. But we assume that most people do not know most people (companies). So in order for that first impression to exist, the client has to get to the website somehow. If you are interested in effective SEO for lawyers on Google click here. We know how to organise good quality traffic to your law firm’s website.

pozycjonowanie stron prawnikow w google - Lejek sprzedażowy, którego ważną częścią jest strona internetowa.
Sales funnel, of which a website is an important part

Are there a lot of lawyers on the market ?

Yes, the legal market is competitive. According to the Supreme Bar Council, the profession of advocate is practised by 19,142 people and that of legal adviser by 46,838 legal advisers (data from 2020).

Lawyers operate individually or group themselves into law firms. These law firms may consist of several to several hundred people.

The largest law firms are all based in Warsaw. These include Dentons Europe, CMS Cameron McKenna and Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak. They employ approximately 200 lawyers / each. The largest law firms in Katowice are Kancelaria Radców Prawnych JGA Ginckaj, Morawiec, Olszewski, Stankiewicz and Pawełczyk & Wspólnicy, 1/4 the size of Warsaw’s.

How well do we know the subject ? Because we graduated with a law degree from the University of Silesia, followed by 20 years of practice… in internet advertising.

If you are a single barrister or solicitor and are facing a decision:

  • whether to set up a new website ?
  • or what to change on your old website ? (usability audit)
  • or how to be visible on the internet at all, read below.

Also, we believe in the paremma “The wisest is he who knows what he does not know”. These are a selection of important lessons in website development for solicitors and barristers.

Website for a lawyer – what to look out for ? (8 points)

  • Firstly, easy contact. A clickable phone and email (preferably at the top of the page) and an online form. Why ? because many people have a computer or mobile phone NOT connected to an email program such as Outlook. They have to paste or rewrite the address, which in a stressful or hectic situation is sometimes inconvenient.
  • Secondly, your photo. We live in the age of Tik-Tok, Instagram etc.
  • Thirdly, identify your specialism. There are no lawyers good in all areas of law ? Just as there is no doctor for everything. Unless you are representing a multi-person law firm.
  • Fourthly, page load speed. This can be measured by the Google Page Speed tool (note: it tests “speed” mainly for Google itself). There are other speed testing tools, e.g. GT Metrix, which tests the actual speed of a page (more on web page loading speed here).
  • Fifthly, BLOG for content creation. Google reads and remembers words and phrases and then tries to suggest the right companies and people for the right topics. People often have a problem more complex than “I’m looking for a lawyer”
  • Sixth: Taste, or the visuality of the site. Tastes are not discussed, but the most important decision is whether the website should appeal to you or your clients ? If your clients are mainly women aged 30-60, for example, it’s worth showing a graphic sketch of the website to a few of them (while it’s still in the design stage).
  • Seventh: Do you want to strengthen your visibility in google search ? Solicitors are not allowed to use Google Ads. As for solicitors – opinions are divided, different Chambers of Solicitors give different interpretations (e.g. Kraków). Anyway, you can bet on SEO (SEO for lawyers) – here our article and take care of your clients’ views on Google Maps.
  • Finally, responsiveness. This is the correct display on different devices – especially mobile phones. In the year 2023, this seems to be a given. It is worth adding that we serve clients who have up to 70-80% of their traffic from so-called mobile.

If a client sees you on google,
(because you have given him/her a chance to get seen with e.g. positioning).
If the website convinces him,
(because it answers his specific need. He’s not looking for a lawyer, just a specialist for a case like “I drove a drunk car into a building”).
If the first conversation between you is successful
most likely … you have a client. Congratulations.

Examples of websites we have designed for Law Offices, Solicitors and Bailiffs.

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego – Dawid Pszczółka
opinia radcy pszczółki o zaprojektowanej przez nas stronie internetowej
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dawid Pszczółka

Attorney at Law – Agnieszka Skowron
opinia pani adwokat agnieszki skowron o zaprojektowanej przez nas stronie internetowej
Kancelaria Adwokacka, Adwokat Agnieszka Skowron

Bailiff Dariusz Markocki
opinia komornika markockiego o stworzonej przez nas stronie www
Komornik Sądowy, przy Sądzie Rejonowym w Mikołowie - Dariusz Markocki

Advocate Magdalena Grzechac
opinia pani adwokat z katowic magdaleny grzechac o założonej przez nas stronie internetowej
Kancelaria Adwokacka, Adwokat Magdalena Grzechac

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