SEO SEM poland Expenses of companies on website positioning and paid advertising (also called sponsored links) in Google search are growing at a fast pace.

According to the latest research (FORPS), the internet is the medium that best suits people's needs. It is because of them the greatest trust.

The goal of our agency is to attract people to your website who really want to use certain services or products. We call this conversion. In the & nbsp; online jungle is an analytical, multi-step task.

During positioning, we strive to ensure the highest possible "natural" position of the client's website in the search engine, after the internet user enters a specific phrase (e.g. Katowice webdesign). We also deal with Google maps ( famous stars famous star next to google maps ).

Due to constant changes in Google algorithms, effective positioning has become a task only for companies with many years of practice and considerable resources.

advertisement in google

The most important element of positioning is choosing the right phrases. We do this using: Keyword Planner, competitive website analysis and test sponsored links campaigns - Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords.

With this, we discover the popularity of phrases (quantity) and their conversion (quality).

Beware of illegal and unethical positioning methods that can cause our site to be added to the so-called blacklist. The site then becomes invisible in the search engine.

Positioning is a slow process (a few months), which is why we also offer Google Ads sponsored links. This advertisement is equally effective, but paid for a single click / PPC model. We run such campaigns within 48 hours of ordering.

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In summary, we work for small and medium-sized companies looking for their chance and permanent advice in internet marketing.
Trust us and we will provide you with customers.

seo sem katowice Studio72 excellently conducts my company on the internet, through consulting, positioning and Adwords campaigns.

Author: R. Baczyk, owner of the Moliere Workshop, Siemianowice Śl.

  medical advertising in google and positioning in Katowice Studio72 is a partner worth being with, not only because of the professionalism.

Author: Dr. M. Sierociński, owner of the Plastic Surgery Clinic, Katowice
positioning of a security company from Katowice Your foundation is knowledge, experience and openness. We are very pleased with the cooperation.

Author: S. Breczewski, proxy of the Management Board of Securitas Polska, Katowice
  positioning of a steel mill with mining oak forest Cooperation with you is great!

Author: C. Pelak, Marketing Director Huta Bankowa, Dąbrowa Górnicza