Internet communities (e-community) are groups of people communicating using a selected part of the internet. These places are numerous discussion forums (e.g. NY Times forum, Kafeteria or Murator) and primarily Facebook.

In Forrester Research, 47% of respondents said that social media enables the fastest search for information, and 36% said that thanks to them they are "up to date" in the field of their choice.

advertising in online communities today is primarily paid posts on Facebook PPC Ads
Young people use online communities mainly to communicate with each other, talk about their passions, or look for entertainment and information.

Older internet users treat e-community among others as an opportunity to contact old friends.

Online communities can be great for qualitative research. Their members often treat them as their own, so they clearly signal their needs and expectations. Hidden behind the monitor screen they can (sometimes brutaly) speak freely on any subject.

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