What is Facebook’s most valuable asset ?

Your time

How does it acquire it ?

By creating so-called filter bubbles with information, e.g. if you like basketball, it will display posts about basketball.
If you think party X is cool and party Y is not, Facebook will display such posts to increase your engagement.


Are you an advertiser? Probably even more than a regular user, FB attacks you with messages like:

someone liked you, someone loved you, someone mentioned you, do this, do that, you can go the extra steps, you can add this, you can update that, do a 'like’, renew a 'like’, see your fanpage stats, compare stats, This post is more (or less) popular than others, Create an event, Your fans have weakened, Your fans have improved, bravo, etc.

Why does Facebook do this ?

Because it is crucial to increase or maintain your engagement on Facebook (read: spending a lot of time on it) .

Facebook displays ads. That’s its main purpose.

In order to have someone to send them to and someone to receive them, it needs to keep the 'ad-giver’ and the 'ad-receiver’ on a short leash.

So how do you work with Facebook (as an ad sender) ?

Find some key parameters, e.g. the number of clicks to your page and the price per click.

Do you prefer to listen to ?

Just stick to them, ignoring the automated gibberish.

Remember that you are a SENDER of content, not a consumer. You serve the food, but you don’t have to eat every single one.

What are some practical tips for avoiding „hype” ?

1/ you can review a series of official FB tips on how to turn off various notifications https://www.facebook.com/help/299284303519326

2/ you can delegate FB support to someone – See our offer„Advertising on Facebook

Also read our article – https://studio72.net/blog/jak-sie-reklamowac-na-facebooku/

In it we write, among other things, HOW many posts to do on Facebook and HOW to do them ? (if you are an ordinary, grey company, not Elon Musk or Friz)

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