Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a crime.

On this occasion, there were suggestions on the Internet (and it’s a good thing) how to do e-something to help Ukraine, e.g. through reviews of Russian places on Google Maps (e.g. bars, museums). It is about smuggling appeals and informing the Russians about the drama of the Ukrainians.

How to add an opinion on russian Google Maps effectively ? (click and scroll down)

And if you are interested in the context, read on – one by one.

First, who are you writing this to? many Russians accepted the possibility of war. Estimates vary (source: Attitudes of Russians – Polish Centre for Eastern Studies).

Secondly, in Poland, in the subject of search engines and maps, Google is the hegemonic – 95% of the market (also in Ukraine – 94%, It is different in Russia, there the leader, although not a hegemon, is (search engine, also with maps) and (portal).

It is, depending on the sources, 60-70% of the market, and Google 30-40% of the market (vide:

It is worth writing that yandex in Russia has a wider service horizon than google, for example Yandex Music, Zen, Taxi etc. This company is legally registered at the Dutch Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Like many companies that rent virtual offices. It is also listed on the largest US stock exchange NASDAQ. In 2001, yandex tried to gain popularity in Poland.

Yandex vs Google – what is the difference ? (except Cyrillic)

IT IS MODERATED, review need to has approval.

And is it easy to break through with the entry in Russian google maps ?

NOT EASY. The algorithms and machinery of google everywhere promotes „authority and trust”, ie a local Russian guide with 50 opinions about Russia, Russian – the appropriate geolocation of these entries will have his opinions higher than Poles.

And as we all know, in google, both in the search engine and on the maps, you can read the first 10 items of a thousand. Google isn’t a simple mechanism like the latest at the top.

How to improve your chances of being featured in Russian-speaking Google maps?

  • Before adding a review, check HOW MUCH you have given before, the more the better.
  • write it in Cyrillic. Use the translator because has been blocked (better translator) / In addition, give 4 to 5 stars as a positive message.
  • google likes photos: If you rate a bar, add photos of bottles from your own bar, with all metadata erased (because they say it’s Poland today).
  • google likes context: In the first and second sentence, try to duplicate the name or function of the company being assessed, e.g. a bar, and think about synonyms, e.g. drink, music, women.
  • Don’t use words like war, terror, crime. For example, the correct and crucial second, third sentence may be: „Stop the attack on Ukraine, please from England/US/Canada/Poland.” Do not duplicate 1 to 1 opinion, letter to letter – there must be significant changes. Google dulls repeatability.
  • Note: google ignores punctuation, so „war” and „w-a-r” are the same. Which can lower the ranking of an entry or block it.
  • It’s a trial and error method, try with the word assault. After 10 entries, you will be (maybe) closer to success.

Is it worth giving an opinion at all?

YES, it’s easy. The Russian and the Ukrainian will probably not see these entries BUT a Ukrainian (in a trench or in a house) will smile when he sees in his newspaper, that 10 million Poles or Amercians have „visited” Russian bars, museums, etc. on Google Maps ( with a specific message to stop the war and with respect for the other side – people too). There are tools that monitor QUANTITY.

Morale matters.

Ukrainian newspapers are e.g.

I hope that the Ukrainian citizen will also smile at the sight of Ukrainian flags waving in front of city offices in foreign countries ie Poland (eg Będzin), England or Canada.

and I hope that they are happy to exclude Russia’s sports teams from various competitions. The disgrace of FIFA / UEFA has been partially overshadowed by this exclusion.

As for the internet, a few more nations have „their own internet”. It is worth mentioning China and its local (as much as 85% of the market) and Sogou too (4%).  Fun fact: In Turkey, yandex has 25% of the market.

And outside the internet?

Ukraine needs weapons, ammunition for these weapons, vests, bandages and much more.

PS. From today’s reports from Russia, reliable reports: Ministry of Defense: the city of Balakleya in the Kharkiv region was liberated from Ukrainian nationalists

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