What will mass AI bring to the internet ? in the context of Google, Facebook and other advertising

The image above was painted by Bing’s artificial intelligence, in 1 minute, based on 1 sentence of my guideline.

Did Maciej Żurawski (famous polish former soccer player) declare consumer bankruptcy ? No, but this is the sentence the AI put in the text for me. Ordered from Chat GPT.

I have met both versions of the above tool. They can usefully count, even from the content of an email, but PRO produces more text and tables of contents.

Does AI associate facts newer than 2021 ? No.

So what is an AI tool ? (in various forms such as midjourney, chat gpt or bing imagine)

Well, it is the beginning of a weapon of greater impact, it is like converting a revolver into a machine gun. You can still miss, but it works many times faster, more confusion is created, texts, pictures, etc.

And an advantage over revolvers is created.

Just for how long ?

Eventually we will all be operating AI.

That is, the competition will move to a higher, faster level, but there will be the same number of competitors.

What is the handling of AI currently ?

We are learning to construct prompts (commands) to communicate with the machine. They can be simple e.g. “write a product description about XYZ” or complex.

Anne Bernstein advises:

  • Use a thesaurus. Don’t give up on an idea just because your first idea didn’t work. Often finding the right word or phrase can unlock what you are doing.

  • Pay attention to verbs. If you want the AI to fully understand your request, make sure the prompt contains a verb that clearly expresses your intention. For example, ‘make it shorter’ has more power than ‘rewrite it to make it shorter’.

  • ChatGPT does a great job of recognising intent, so take advantage of this.

To summarise“creating prompts is a bit like writing a spell: If you utter the spell a little wrong, something a little wrong can happen, and vice versa.”

To what extent will the QUALITY of the AI develop ?

I don’t know.

Such a Seo killer currently creates a lot of content (so called seo chopping), but if we all litter the internet, who will zindex it ? That is, it will save it in a database.

To get anywhere we either have to know the address or use the list of results (so-called SERPs) suggested by the search engine .

A search engine, e.g. google, does not show the internet, but only an INFINITE copy stored in gigantic databases (its index = archive).

This copy was created thanks to crawlers and gigantic electricity.

Now, in the USA, the spectre of recession(vide: https://www.money.pl/gospodarka/niepokojacy-sygnal-w-usa-dane-z-kluczowego-sektora-wskazuja-na-recesje-6872217847479008a.html), electricity bills higher, advertisers’ budgets lower (they are falling off a higher horse than Poland on the upswing), and yet robots and crawlers cost ? Above all, electricity.

There is energy from the sun, 109 times the size of the Earth but the equipment to draw it, the power lines, the servicing, the replacements ALSO COST.

Farmy fotowoltaiczne (raczej morza) - Riverside County, California
Photovoltaic farms (or rather seas) – Riverside County, California

Google or Facebook like to multiply revenue and diversify risk – better 100 advertisers than 1 (on each plot – furniture type), so it is valuable to keep long lists of sponsored links and add more, e.g. on maps.

In addition, you can rotate them, as more will get on the merry-go-round.

So will they find a way not to give the only right answer – via AI ?

For sure.

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