Are you interested in page load time ? (WordPress)


Do you want to edit your website yourself ?

If not, close my article.

IF YES, please read further becouse I have a serious question, which have an impact on future of your site:

What’s better ? use any page builder (eg Elementor) or use default WordPress editor (Gutenberg or Classic).

What is a page builder?

This is a big plugin that you can add to CMS WordPress – e.g. Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi, SiteOrigin.

What does it give ?

Simplicity of page/post edition e.g. moving elements (like puzzles, drag and drop methods), supplying them with values, creating image effects such as hover – scale photo and easy changing a composition of particular pages, e.g. one subpage with 2 columns, another subpage with 3 columns.

But what does it take ?

The speed and efficiency of the site. Chrome-based modern browsers or Firefox are very complicated and huge programs (they only look simple at the front). Page builders produce a lot of code, they need  to read and execute.

Can we speed up site created with page builder ?  Yes, eg using  site caching or manually optimize photos. But after those changes, the site will be two times slower than without page builder. Started point is 3-4 times slower.

Who cares ?

If you positioning site or have a big number of mobile users, you should care *. If you starts in tenders, or rely on B2B – you rather should not.

(* Mobile „phones” are slower than normal computers.  According to various tests, big number of mobile users doesn’t want to wait, and go away if site is loading slowly) 

How to check page load time ? (performance test)

Good to use two different tools (so run two tests)

  • Google’s official
  • and any other eg

It’s not the goal, to have all green result. It can be orange, because it’s acceptable for users and robots.

BUT sitespeed eg 8 seconds and all results in red … is a horror.

What’s outide the code ? Server quality. If your server (it’s a real box) hosts 5,000 other sites and they use this same processor, it does NOT help.

At the end, what is Gutenberg?

It’s natural wordpress editor (screenshot as the main photo), which try to compromise between a classic editor (looks like Word) and the possibilities of any page builder. Gutenberg can do less than eg Elementor, however, does not improve the speed and performance of the site.