Google Merchant Center. Product campaigns – can you advertise worldwide and what ?

Merchant Center is that part of google text search that advertises only products for sale (not services, not rentals).

Other names for MC are: Product Listing Ads, Merchant Campaign or PLA (Product Listing Ads), Google Shopping and Google Shopping.

There are certain minimums: product image, title and price.

Why is advertising on Google Merchant a carrier?

Because you get fast money (provided you integrate and select products for advertising correctly).

If a user becomes interested in a product, after clicking on it, he goes to a specific e-store, where he can … make an immediate purchase with, for example, a credit card.

Do you prefer to listen or watch?

Google Merchant Center, is it for you ?


you own an online store and (with defined terms and conditions, delivery and payment methods. If you haven’t created it yet – read below*)
or you have low prices,
or your products have limited competition
or your products have no exact competition. MC presents the results side by side, so it’s easy to compare prices. It encourages you to do so with a large “Compare Products” sign.

In order to start running ads in “Google Shopping”, you are required to:

setting up an account with Google Merchant
setting up an account in Google Ads
connection of both accounts
preparation of the so-called product feed/file.

The product feed should include information such as: title, description, link image, link, gtin, availability (optional: brand, product category, type and promotional price).

You can prepare multiple feeds for multiple languages and countries. Both feed and product images have technical requirements. It’s time-consuming, but we’ll help with it.

*The most important question when creating a store is whether to create your own store, e.g. Woocommerce, Prestashop or from a ready-made web so-called subscription store, e.g. Shoper. The difference is like between ownership and lease. In ownership you can do everything – read “How to set up an online store ? (for future Owners)”

Can you advertise all items ? Of course not – read Prohibited ads in Google Ads e.g. CBD oils, medical insurance and … Bingo

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