Banned ads in Google Ads e.g. CBD oils, medical insurance and … Bingo

Google originates from US law, which is stricter and different from EU law. The Google Ads advertising system also respects local laws, e.g. it is difficult to imagine advertising alcohol in Muslim countries. The second important factor is … time (below on CBD).

There are a lot of details, so we will try to write in contours, referring to Poland.
It is worth adding that Google Ads, in addition to text search, is also display advertising (GDN, banners with images).

Below is a list of bans (1) and separately a list of restrictions (2).

Advertising ban (list 1)

  • counterfeit products
  • dangerous products e .g. CBD (not only oils e.g. creams too), weapons, ammunition, explosives and fireworks, tobacco products

Let’s stop for a moment at CBD oils, because until now their advertising was 100% banned. In Poland, it still is. Advertisements do appear, but the system catches them and suspends the advertising account. Well, as of January 2023, Google in America has loosened these restrictions vide:

It therefore allows advertising of pharmaceuticals approved by the FDA, or containing 0.3% THC or less.

However, one must obtain a GOOGLE CERTIFICATE (LegitScript that the product is safe and secure). The certificate, interestingly enough, is payable both per application (irrespective of the effect of processing) and per year / per product. Below the table.

Number of CBD products on the site Cost of application (application) Annual fee per product
1 – 5 $650 $1,000
6 -50 $600 $925
51 – 99 $550 $850
100 + $500 $750
  • fraudulent services e.g. hacking, document forgery
  • inappropriate content e.g. racial discrimination, animal trafficking

Would you rather listen than read ?

Advertising restrictions (list 2)

  • sexual content e.g. visible genitalia, female breasts, one-off sexual encounters, sexual gadgets, strip clubs, live chat rooms with sexual overtones, models in erotic poses
  • alcohol (Google informs – We comply with local alcohol laws and industry standards)
  • copyright
  • gambling and gaming
  • political content
  • financial services
  • trademarks
  • medicines and healthcare. Here again we will pause for a moment …

    Some healthcare content cannot be advertised at all, while other content can only be advertised if the advertiser is Google-certified and only directs ads to approved countries.

Advertising for prescription drugs

Prescription drug manufacturers can only advertise prescription drugs in these countries: Canada, New Zealand, United States AND AFTER GETTING A GOOGLE CERTIFICATE.

The above manufacturers are not allowed to advertise opioid prescription painkillers.

Advertising of non-prescription medicines (in Poland it is possible)

Manufacturers of non-prescription drugs may only advertise them in these countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Philippines, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Canada, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom and Spain.

And what is the topic of advertising for medical services ?

Google restricts advertising for the following medical services. And yes, they are banned in Poland:

  • Therapies of unproven efficacy, experimental, cell and gene therapies e.g. biohacking
  • Home HIV tests. For comparison, in America they can be advertised, in Poland – not
  • Medical insurance. These can only be advertised in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States.
  • Abortion (can be advertised in some countries)
  • Contraception (in many countries, advertising is prohibited; in Poland, advertising on Google is allowed)
  • Addiction treatment services, so-called addiction therapy

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